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Sod, its our only business and we're darn good at it

Home of the $15 Dirtless Sod!

24 inch x 48 inch (2 ft x 4ft) 

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Always available even when the other guys are not.

Delivery or pickup 365 days a year!

About Us

Originally established in 1960; FarmtoLawn is the online branch of Green Thumb Sod. This is a family owned and operated garden nursery located in Redondo Beach, California. Now in its 3rd generation, we solely focus on fresh sod for residential and commercial use.

Our Services

We only offer sod for either customer pick up or delivery. Unfortunately we do not offer any installation or removal of existing lawns. We do though have a few references we can share. 

Laying Fresh Sod 101


Prep Prep Prep, just like any good meal or good paint job. Preparation is #1. Whether you are starting on a fresh piece of soil or redoing a existing lawn, cleaning the area free of rocks, large chunks of dirt and of course existing weeds. Its best and most efficient to use a tiller to aerate the soil and fertilize prior to laying the new sod.

Once the new sod is on the ground, it is important to keep the sod moist daily, but not to flood the area. It generally takes 4-6 weeks for the sod to take root into its new home, once that is done water your grass regularly, per the type of sod installed. (Some types of sod require less water than others)

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